Dr. Simon Gives ASSE Keynote

Dr. Simon Gives Keynote at ASSE Safety Culture Symposium

Listen to excerpts from Dr. Simon’s keynote address at the ASSE Safety Culture Symposium, Costa Mesa, CA

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Culture Change Works – GM

Culture Change Works for General Motors

Patrick Frazee, Manager of Health & Safety, led the 10-year safety culture transformation at General Motors.

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Culture Change Works – PSE&G

Culture Change Works for PSE&G

Peter Cistaro, Senior Vice President Gas and Electric, led the nine-year safety culture transformation at PSE&G

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Culture Change Works – GE

Culture Change Works for GE

Pat Cowher, EHS Manager, led the 5-year safety culture transformation at GE Inspection and Repair Services.

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Safety Culture Assessment

Safety Culture Assessment

The Safety Culture Assessment is designed to help clients understand the effect of culture on safety performance and begin the process of developing a strong safety culture. It focuses on the human factors of accident prevention. These, often more than policy or procedure, determine safety performance. We view the Safety Culture Assessment as much more than another measurement tool; we have designed the entire process to function as a transformative, culture change activity.

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The Pioneer and Leader in Transforming Cultures for a Safer Workplace

What We Do

Culture Change Consultants, Inc. is the pioneer and leader in transforming workplace culture to achieve workplace safety. Led by Steven I. Simon, Ph.D., the “father of safety culture,” our firm has the longest track record and broadest inventory of experience in North America in implementing culture-based strategies that reduce accident rates and associated costs.

A consulting firm with projects with some of the best-managed companies throughout the United States and Canada, our clients are committed to culture change as a long term journey.

Our Core Practice

The principal service we offer is experienced, expert guidance for implementing long-term safety culture change. To do so, we work with leadership to determine and deliver the processes, interventions and/or tools needed by the organization according to the stage they are in their own safety culture journey, whether at the beginning, midway or close to their destination. Some clients approach us for assistance in initiating corporate-wide safety culture change; others wish to develop the safety culture at a particular site.

Culture Change is a marathon not a sprint. We see our job as the support team that helps our clients go the distance in cultural transformation.


"Implementing Culture Change Through Grassroots Safety Leadership - The Three-Day Course"

Created by the originator of the Grassroots Safety Leadership™ methodology, and refined continuously in more than 75 sessions with over 2,500 participants since its inception in 2001, this course covers the entire process of creating cultural change through employee involvement. It is designed for those who need a road map: tools that will enable you to train and guide others in your organization to achieve breakthrough safety performance through employee-led safety culture change.

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Coaching the Coach

As a representative of the Guidance Team, and a resource for the Grassroots Team, the primary source of GST support is the Coach. The “Coaching the Coach” course is specifically designed to develop the skills needed to be an effective GST Coach.

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