Advanced Studies in Culture Change

Designed for the experienced professional, the Culture Change Advanced Studies program prepares leaders in the art and science of consulting to achieve safety culture change. Its objective is to provide participants with the advanced knowledge and practice needed to fulfill the role of Internal Consultant and Process Champion to the Safety Culture Change Process™. You will tap deep into your own self-awareness as a means to effect positive and meaningful change in your own organization. The CCAS program focuses on the role culture change practitioners play in improving the safety culture of their organizations. Going beyond academic study alone, you will work directly in real settings on real issues. The program’s educational process integrates strategic leadership, change management, and personal and professional growth to create effective change practitioners who address the critical competitive issues facing organizations and their members.

All sessions incorporate 4 perspectives into an overall Action Learning framework:

  • Personal Growth
  • Culture Change Fieldwork Project
  • Skill Development
  • Professional Development
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