Psychological Safety

Creating a Work Culture of Psychological Safety: The Two-Day Course

With 30 years experience in guiding successful culture change initiatives, CCC builds on its proven principles of transforming organizational cultures and group norms with new tools to help leaders create the conditions that foster trust and innovation. This new course enables leaders to learn practical techniques to cultivate psychological safety in their teams or organizations, giving employees a voice to reduce error and maximize their contributions to their work team.

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Safety Leadership

Implementing Culture Change Through Grassroots Safety Leadership – The Three-Day Course

This San Diego-based three-day course gives aspiring culture change champions information and tools needed to participate in the implementation of culture-based, employee-led safety within their organization.

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Coaching the coach

Coaching the Coach Course

Organizations involved in the CCC Safety Culture Change Process™ know that long-term success relies heavily on the effectiveness and sustainability of their Grassroots Safety Teams. Even when comprised of an organization’s best informal leaders, Grassroots Teams are best positioned to reach and sustain their potential when they have a competent coach guiding and supporting them. This course provides coaches with the knowledge they need.

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Grassroots Safety Team Symposium

The Grassroots Safety Team Symposium is a unique multi-company benchmarking opportunity. Gain new perspective by interacting with other high performing teams and learn to apply strategies from other companies to improve projects and team functioning. Mini workshops provide advanced training and skill development in safety culture skills and team effectiveness.

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Leadership skills

Culture Change Leadership Skills

Culture Change Leadership Skills is a targeted invention to provide middle managers with the knowledge and skills they need to drive successful implementation of the CCC Safety Culture Change Process. Getting clarity around the role of supervisors and managers as safety culture leaders often makes the difference between success or failure in developing a strong, positive safety culture.

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Advanced studies

Advanced Studies in Culture Change

Designed for the experienced professional, the Culture Change Advanced Studies program prepares leaders in the art and science of consulting to achieve safety culture change. You will tap deep into your own self-awareness as a means to effect positive and meaningful change in your own organization.

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