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Client Results Are Impressive

  • General Motors reduced its injury and illness rates by 95% during its ten-year safety culture transformation.
  • A General Electric steam turbine plant reduced its injury rates by 76% over a four-year period.
  • At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, 600 maintenance workers slashed occupational injuries by 80%, saving a documented $3 million.

What Do These Companies Have in Common?

They set out systematically to change their culture, using the CCC Safety Culture Change Process™, which has protected the lives and livelihood of millions of workers in hundreds of plants worldwide.

Changing Culture is Hard Work

Culture Change is hard work. The good news is that it brings long-term beneficial results – not just quick fixes – and not only in safety, but also in quality, productivity, and the unquantifiables like teamwork, union-management relations and healthier norms.

Success Stories

GE – Culture Change Brings Labor and Management Together on Safety

Positive results: GE, Fitchburg cut its incident rate by 76% over a four-year period.

GE Inspection and Repair Shops – Culture Change Crash Course

Experienced EHS professional Rob Wagner praises the instantaneous results of our intense, two-day workshop in culture change.

General Motors – Worldwide Safety Culture Change Driven by Leadership

Joe Spielman said CCC’s long-term process gave GM “an entirely new way of approaching safety.”

Owens Corning – Culture Change One Village At A Time

How the ‘one- village-at-a-time’ culture change strategy allowed Owens Corning to align management with hourly workers in an effective approach to safety culture.

United Technologies – Safety Culture Change Brings Added Benefits

The goal was to create a union-management partnership for the first time in 56 years. The implementation resulted in breaking through safety plateau to new injury lows.

Southern California Edison – Culture Change Takes 5-7 Years. Then What Happens?

An example of how organizations can continue to cultivate a sustaining safety culture with a safety culture guidance team and a grassroots safety team.

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 Utility Clients