Our core practice is guiding client organizations on safety culture journeys that typically range from 3-7 years in length.

We offer a range of workshops, interventions and tools that have proven to promote positive culture change, from executive briefing and presentations, to culture assessment, leadership training, trust building, as well as ongoing consultation and coaching.

The offerings listed below are typically delivered within the context of a full safety culture change process implementation, but may, if appropriate, be brought on-site as stand-alone training.

Safety Culture Assessment

The Safety Culture Assessment is designed to help clients understand the effect of culture on safety performance and begin the process of developing a strong safety culture.

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Culture Change Workshops

To assist organizations in meeting these challenges, Culture Change Consultants has developed a set of highly interactive workshops that are typically modified to fit the particular needs and structure of the client organization.

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Quality Culture Change

CCC’s approach is similar to the one it pioneered in the field of safety more than 30 years ago, successfully applying the most advanced principles of organizational culture and behavior to reinforce traditional EHS programs.

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Keynote Speaking

As a stand-alone service, CCC offers a variety of presentations to acquaint clients with the benefits of the safety culture change process.

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Culture Change Works for GM

“I would definitely recommend the culture change approach, and the reason for that is because it’s a comprehensive approach to the health and safety problem. It takes into account not only the facilities, the equipment, the programs but it also takes into account the people skills and the behavior side.

Patrick Frazee, Manager Occupational Health and Safety, General Motors

Our Approach

The Concept is surprisingly simple: to apply the well-developed principles of organizational culture change to occupational safety and health. Instead of concentrating on the technical aspects of safety – equipment and its use – the idea of culture change is to address the hidden beliefs, norms, and assumptions that govern the people side.


“There was no going back. Safety became part of the culture. We were no longer willing to accept any practice or tool that was less-than-safe. The culture would simply not allow things to be done wrong.”

Union OfficialUnion Official,
Fitchburg, MA