Culture Change Workshops

All CCC Workshops are custom-designed, culture-specific and highly interactive.

Over the past twenty-two years, we have discovered a common set of challenges that arise in nearly every safety culture change journey, from the need to educate safety culture leaders to the need to break cycles of mistrust between labor and management. To assist organizations in meeting these challenges, Culture Change Consultants has developed a set of highly interactive workshops that are typically modified to fit the particular needs and structure of the client organization. These workshops have proven invaluable to major clients in numerous facilities throughout the world.

Achieving a World Class Safety Culture™

This interactive workshop presents a logical, common sense approach to changing individual behavior and improving safety culture. Participants will learn specific, practical ways to measure the safety culture of their organizations and to plan culture change strategies that improve safety performance. This workshop can be either a full or half-day session.

Breaking Cycles of Mistrust™

An essential for groups who want to create a positive safety culture but cannot get past long-standing issues of mistrust. Through the use of extensive dialogue, the Cycle of Mistrust™ tool and the exchange of perceptions exercise, issues are surfaced. Participants are taught how to problem solve and develop action plans and are given tools to develop their abilities to resolve conflict and to listen and communicate more effectively. This is either a one-day or three-day workshop.

Leadership Alignment Dialogues™

This workshop helps managers and supervisors get on the “same page.” In order to bring about safety culture change, the leadership of an organization must have a shared vision, shared assumptions and a shared commitment of the future safety culture and how to get there. To develop a common understanding, the workshop focuses on cultural leadership and safety and utilizes interactive dialogue. This workshop is conducted in three full-day sessions scheduled one month apart.

Norms Changing™

Norms Changing™ is a workshop for members of a group that hold a given norm. Conducted with a group of either employees or managers, it is a five-step process. Unsafe behaviors/actions are identified and analyzed, new desired norms/behaviors are advanced and systems are developed to reinforce the new norms.

7-Step Culture-Based Problem-Solving Process™

This workshop teaches participants how to focus on actions to affect the culture and behavior in their workplace. Using the Simon Open System Model™, the CCC Safety Culture Perception Survey™ and culture-based tools, problems are defined and prioritized and solutions with measurable goals are developed and implemented.

Culture Change Works for PSE&G

“I can tell you without a doubt that if you don’t have the combination of both the rules, regulations, formats, standards procedures, etc. and the culture, it just doesn’t work.”

Peter Cistaro, Senior Vice President Gas and Electric, PSE&G.

Client Results are Impressive

“At This GE Plant, Culture Change Brings Labor and Management Together on Safety”

One-time Union skeptic says, “Safety is part of our culture. We are no longer willing to accept any practice that is less than safe. Our culture simply will not allow things to be done wrong.”


“The Grassroots Safety Leadership process has given us a forum for leadership, union and management to work aggressively on a common people initiative, to build teamwork.”

Owens CorningPlant Manager, Huntingdon,