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Guidance Team Edition

Grassroots Safety Leadership Series: Guidance Team Edition

A Manager and Union Leader Guide to Directing, Supporting and Coaching Successful Grassroots Safety Teams. This guide will answer:

  • What is safety culture?
  • How and why does the Grassroots Safety Leadership™ methodology work?
  • What is the role of the Guidance Team in the culture change process?
  • How to implement the Grassroots Safety Leadership™ process.
  • How does a manager lead and change culture?
  • How to create the conditions for success.
Grassroots Safety Leadership

Grassroots Safety Leadership Series: Team Edition

A Handbook for Designing and Implementing Culture-Based Safety Improvement Strategies. The book will educate employee team members about:

  • The nine critical ingredients for successful teams.
  • The hidden causes of accidents.
  • The powerful influence of culture in safety performance.
  • Strategies that get employee involvement
Coach Edition

Grassroots Safety Leadership Series: Coach Edition

The information and exercises in this book will enable Grassroots Safety Team Coaches to:

  • Define their roles and responsibilities.
  • Support rather than lead the grassroots team.
  • Develop the grassroots safety team leader’s facilitation skills.
  • Train team leaders to problem solve at a cultural level.
  • Increase meeting effectiveness skills.
  • Evaluate and measure progress.
Toolkit Cards

The toolkit cards provide a handy pocket-sized reference for safety culture champions to apply on-the-spot when needed.

Team Skills Booklet

Team Skills Booklet

The Team Skills booklet provides Safety Culture Teams with a set of exercises and skills to help make team meetings more effective.

Cycle of Mistrust

Pre-Printed Flip Charts

Order pre-printed flip charts of the Culture Change Toolkit. Bulk pricing available.